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Burlington, VT

BETTER LATE THAN NEVER, RIGHT? Going to finally start posting to site again. I just need to get access to my external hard-drive that I’m having issues with. Expect more soon.

This was more of a motorcycle trip than skate trip, as the weather wasn’t too cooperative.

HIGHLY RECOMMEND VISITING THE PARK IN BURLINGTON. I think we have some photos of it somewhere…?

3 Responses to “Burlington, VT”

  1. Sean Gleason Says:

    Hey man. I was wondering if you have the location for that cliff jump spot. I’ve heard there’s a nice diy right near it. Thanks

  2. Dusty Says:

    This is Buttermilk Falls: Yes, I think you’re correct.

  3. Sean gleason Says:

    Thanks man. Appreciate it.



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