Dave’s Bowl

Dave’s bowl is incredible to skate. Don’t get any ideas of what you think you will or can do until you get there. It’s a crete pool, with legit pool coping. It’s tight, and quick. The kind of spot that you don’t have time to recover from if you start to slip-up. The perfect leg-clip height. If you can overcome the odd g-forces that this thing spits you out at around tight corners, the next hurdle is to not let the coping shut you down, with embarrassing under coping “grinds” or cringing stuffs. Good luck. Getting over the death-box will get you cheers, bell-rings, and a beer raise. Incredible bowl. Looking forward to more sessions here:

Noah and the Crust Crew are the masters of this terrain. Proof here. Crispy backside snappers with hangers a jingling fine frequency while flying through the air.
Justin on the scralpers
Noah over the deathbox
Noah over the deathbox – different angle
Dusty – tailslide
Dusty – hip transfer

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