The CBowl is one of the most humbling spots I have every been. Humbling in it’s rawness, size, oddness, and HISTORY. The CBowl is the oldest, still skate-able bowls in the U.S.. It is substantially different than most bowls due to its transition/bank-to-3′ of vert. It is not forgiving. Nor is it ever usually skated correctly. Most use the front face and that’s it. It’s a BOWL. This bowl is seriously hard to skate. Pushing your ass off at the faces while trying to keep your board from sliding away is all you can do to try to muster up the faces (properly – not just the face wall).

The CBowl is tragically & unfortunately being filled in, possibly within the next few days. This is a tragedy to skating, and skating history.

One of the most familiar faces of the CBowl is Eastie. Eastie and the CBowl have a long and heartfelt history, 20+ years. Eastie was nice enough to take me to the bowl to show me how to skate it, and teach me in the ways and history of the bowl. It was incredible. Incredibly humbling too. Watching Eastie skate the CBowl was awe-inspiring. It was as if time was standing still and we were all seeing the ollie for the first time, while we had only been carving our whole lives, unaware that this type of skating even existed. See image below of Eastie and the bowl’s connection.

Favorite image of the day (standing on right-side of face-wall drain): This may even be the last documented grind over the box in history

Eastie - over box
Bro - frontal scralper (w/ Eastie coaching/heckling)

I hope to get one last session in and go down with the-ship on some last attempts at the beast.

*Get your licks in if you can.

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