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Willimantic, CT

Near death car crashes, Sudz, Horse Track betting, & shredding: Gettin’ romantic in Willimantic


Captain Adumb el Douce


Young Will


Dave - half stepping ollie. lil higher next time there, escapee

Filthy Phil - transfer

Young Will

Jeff - front board the whole thing



Young Will - Frontal shocka

Video provided by Orsi (thanks)

4 Responses to “Willimantic, CT”

  1. fix the metal Says:

    haha sick!! that dude with the chops at the end of the video is my homie zak. i was there too. fuckin rad sesh. i put this up on our shitty nh skate blog. ill link u fools up too.

  2. Dusty Says:

    nice! thanks! how did you find out about riffraff?

  3. fix the metal Says:

    my east coast friend who lives in cali actually saw it and sent it to me but ive seen you guys shit before. we’ve skated “the space” and know joner and a few other mutual friends. small scene. check us out at

  4. Dusty Says:

    right on. always curious as to the link. actually going to build at the space today! bridging the right back quarter with the vert wall. going to be interesting. great site. into it. shred on, and say hello next time. Cheers!



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