Nanfucket – Pile Mission

Razor Burn

Spanish Fly

It’s like everyone on this island is like, “Well SEE”

Typical Nantuckian - GO FUCK YOURSELF DUDE

“We don’t have ‘Diners’ on this Island”


Never eat at Tacos Tacos


Never eat at Southside Diner, unless you love all kinds of hair in your food…

Nantucket Cruisin

Polluted with cars

Eat at Fog Island Cafe’, but hold on the Scott Brown

Nantucket Elite

Go to the nude beach

Nantucket Elite - showing their best sides

Swim with seals


Bike ride thru farm clearings

Adam throwing a crab

They all have ‘RICH FACES’

Orsi - digging for crustaceans

Lots of dew at night

Adam - stitches "whateves"

Surly Jamaicans at Muse Pizza, fuck that place

Drink sudz on beach @ night

Mornings in Nantucket

Special thanks to Sara for letting us camp in her yard. Muchas gracias

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