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Dirty 30 – Road Trip (CT & RI)

Middlefield, CT

Dusty - Ollie

Adam - Backside Ollie

Snake Run in Mts.

Snake Run in Mts.


Dusty - Going for it!

Dave - Going for it!

Ezra - Going for it!

Dusty - Making it all the way down

Dave - getting worked. Roughest falls ever.

Dusty - getting worked by mud

Ezra- making it all the way thru!

Ezra - round the bend!

Snake-run - snake

Highway Fishing!

Highway Fishing!

Adam - America


Adam - wallride backside out

Dusty - 5-0

Dusty - carcass toss


Ezra - resourceful - using retainer to eat clam

Ezra - boardslide to fakie

3 Responses to “Dirty 30 – Road Trip (CT & RI)”

  1. Tom Mull Says:


    My brothers and friends have a website called The Worble. The site is currently down, but here’s our Vimeo url: We skate all over the north east but mostly in Vermont. We’ve heard a lot about this concrete snake run, heard it was in MA somewhere. Your photos look awesome. I was wondering if you would be able to tell us where exactly it is? or is this one of those secret spots that must remain disclosed? I would really appreciate a response. Thanks!

  2. Dusty Says:

    hey dudes. glad you stumbled up the site. VT is incredible. This snake run is not in MA, but in CT. Hit me up on my email and I can get you closer to your destination!


  3. Chris Says:


    What’s your email Dusty, or could you tell me a closer proximity to look at than Worcester – Bristol – Plainfield? Thanks.



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