Kookmeyer, MAINE

Skating, Swimming, grilling, wild blackberries, Putt-putt golf, GOOD TIMES, and Barney Frank?!!!

Jad - Woulda, Shoulda, Coulda
Mike - feeble
Barney Frank - Lounging with cigar and reading. Great and intelligent guy - good conversations
Stand by Me
Trudging thru foliage. Where's the river, Jad???
Andy - River shotgun!
Cheers! Pungent smelling river goodness
Jad - seriously, wtf?! Muddy Mom-butt-pants!
Justin - Boardslide to regs
Jad - PERFECT rock-n'-rolls
Noah - front 5-0

Jad - Feeble

Andy - Back 5-0
Kookmeyer Ramp
Ezra - putt-putt
Tom - putt-putt
Tom - putt-putt
Andy - putt-putt
Jad - putt-putt
Jad - putt-putt
Jad - putt-putt
HOLE IN ONE!!!! Winner: EZRA!
Ezra - Putt-putt Champion
Tom - good times

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