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Hudson/Mass Pike Bridge Jump

Hudson – BBQ, Sudz and tomfoolery. Jad landed a sick line right out of the car – nose manual to pivot-fakie.

Ezra - front feeble grind

Ezra and Jad - grilling, sudz and good conversation


If you have ever driven on the Mass Pike by Framingham, you cannot help but notice the perfect bridge-jump into a beautiful reservoir. Every time you drive past it, it beckons to be jumped off. After skating and working up a sweat, we finally searched out the iconic bridge:

Eastie - sussin' out jump


Rob @ Mass Pike - Bridge Jump

2 Responses to “Hudson/Mass Pike Bridge Jump”

  1. Carol Says:

    How do you get to this trestle from the mass pike?

  2. Dusty Says:

    You park at the closest asian restaurant and walk behind their lot. You will see a path.



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