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Adam - world's smallest pivot-to-fakie


Matt - Back 5-0

Adam - sucking at life

Adam - El Douche'

Adam - world's smallest blunt to fakie

Matt - Front 5-0

Dusty - Getting chased by dog while skating

Adam - Proper back 5-0 on the death-vert wall

Doug - Back smith

Doug - Crailin

Doug - Layback 5-0 that would make even Danforth proud

Matt - Frontside Indy

Dusty - Smith

Dusty - Front melon

Dusty - Frontside fence ride

Jad found his new whip

4 Responses to “Hellgate”

  1. YerMom Says:

    Dusty, so disappointed in you! Frontside Indy!?!?!? Only exists in the minds of kook snowboarders. That is a textbook frontside air. An Indy air is a backside air grabbed in the same fashion (trailing hand holding the board on the toe side). See here:

    and of course the master of disaster showing us how it’s done:

    By me a 22oz next time we skate and I’ll forget this ever happened!

  2. Dusty Says:

    I stand corrected. Duece it is.

  3. YerDad Says:

    Also, what yer calling 5-0s are basically just littles slashes, if that.

  4. Dusty Says:

    sounds like you need to step it up and actually start grinding then…



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