Orcas Island – James

This just goes to show, no matter how good a skateboarder you are, you are not immune to a good walloping every now and then.

Here is Jame’s account of his trip to Orcas Island:

The so-called best skatepark in the world lives up to its reputation.

After a full day spent on a bus, a ferry then a shuttle I finally arrive at the park. Im feeling a bit stiff from traveling so decide to warm up on the small stuff around the outside. Third run I whip out and land on my back, hit pretty hard so I check I didn’t hit my head, its ok so I get up to retrieve my board. The next thing I know some locals are trying to pick me up off the ground. Im awoken again, this time from a wonderful dream, spitting out blood and pieces of teeth with some guy saying he’s taking me to the medical center. It turns out I got up started walking then just collapsed falling face first to the concrete. Ended up having to get some stitches & emergency dental work, it felt so good to chip out some teeth after years of talking about it. Had to stay with a nurse from the medical centre overnight cause there is no hospital on the island and now cant skate for a couple of weeks. Everyone knows the best skating is actually not skating, so I would have to agree this is the best park ever.

-James (from New Zealand)

James - Concrete Face-lift
James - Concrete Face-lift

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