Boston Voyage

The day started off innocent enough. Mindset: skate with bros all day and possibly take some photos; start off @ Mission Hill – Orchard Skateshop, hit Boston/Fenway and then finish off in Cambridge/Harvard Square. Crew involved: Jad, Adam, Nicholaus and Dusty.

-Started off Skating from Orchard 1pm to Ruggles basketball courts
-Skated Ruggles
-Headed off towards Fenway
-Skate gap at Northeastern
-Ogled girls
-Drop my bag off (with camera) at apartment. Apparently I was already tired of carrying a bag. This is where the day takes a turn.
-Find cases upon cases of wine in the foyer of apartment building and a nice lady who wants help carrying them to her apartment. In return for…yes, wine.
-Receive 5 bottles of wine for our labor. That’s right, now we have 5 bottles of wine = recipe for disaster.
-Skate with bottles in hand to the yellow flat-bars next to Landmark Center
-Drink wine
-Skate Yellow rails. Adam and Nicholaus killed the rail. Adam got a nice front board to fakie. Nicholaus got a krooks and a backside 50-50.
-Drink wine
-Skate some trailer
-Drink wine
-Push off towards Mass Ave Bridge

Boston - Mass Ave Bridge

-Skate MIT campus
-Finish wine
-Skate towards Central Square
-Eat some slices and drink some beer @ Hi-Fi Pizza
-Skate towards Harvard dorm banks
-Get yelled at by Harvard Security before we even get to the banks. We barged anyway and get a couple of runs in while they yell at us.
-Skate towards Harvard Square
-Stop off at JFK Memorial


-Skate around Harvard Square
-Skate the Pit; panhandle and do the mandatory carve on bank around the ledge
-Eat some slices at Crazy Dough’s Pizza and drink some pitchers of beer
-Take T home
-Sleep for an hour and wake up 9pm
-Round Two!!!
-Meet up at The Model in Allston for Jon Brown’s going away party
-After party @ house
-Dance to some Reggae
-Walk home in the drizzling rain @ 4am

One of the best skate days I have had in Boston. Photos taken by Nicholaus’s phone.

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