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BETTER LATE THAN NEVER, RIGHT? Going to finally start posting to site again. I just need to get access to my external hard-drive that I’m having issues with. Expect more soon.

This was more of a motorcycle trip than skate trip, as the weather wasn’t too cooperative.

HIGHLY RECOMMEND VISITING THE PARK IN BURLINGTON. I think we have some photos of it somewhere…?

Spring has FINALLY arrived in N.E.


You know what that means? -Bowl Skating-

New England winter skating – end of 2014


Haven’t posted in a while. It’s winter in N.E., what do you expect? Just did a photo dump last night which contains some end of the year December skating that went down. Now there’s snow, so we are confined to indoor parks (need I need to go on that rant?), and parking garages. Young Will […]

Dave’s Bowl


Dave’s Bowl


Dave’s bowl is incredible to skate. Don’t get any ideas of what you think you will or can do until you get there. It’s a crete pool, with legit pool coping. It’s tight, and quick. The kind of spot that you don’t have time to recover from if you start to slip-up. The perfect leg-clip […]

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